BPFink Testimonials

Ron Dirsmith FAAR NA
Vice President, Design – The Dirsmith Group
International Architects and Landscape Planners
Bruce Fink is one of the finest sculptors … and human beings … we have ever met. His work is simply outstanding. For over 40 years he has executed a number of commissions for our firm and many clients. You can see some examples in these short movies.  It is a distinct honor to know and work with Bruce Fink. Ron Dirsmith, FAAR, NA
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDvnw2mpmVM&list=UUphJpC-ivlSGMTJYX7Hihjg&index=22&feature=plcp
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR4lOO-pm2U&list=UUphJpC-ivlSGMTJYX7Hihjg&index=33&feature=plcp
Jeffrey Herman
Owner – Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation
Bruce Fink is one of those rare individuals who can design and execute sculptural commissions that will blend beautifully with their environment. His thorough knowledge of the numerous materials he works with, coupled with impeccable craftsmanship, places him at the very top of his profession. His sculpture is built to last. Bruce also has a great sense of humor and is easy to communicate with. I wouldn’t hesitate one moment to recommend him.


 Bill Roberts
Owner – Custom Design Metal Arts
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bruce Paul Fink since ’94, and in those years…. I’ve not only come to know him as an incredibly competent sculptor/artist…..but also….as a mentor and friend. Like his work…. Bruce is UNIQUE. One of a Kind. I highly recommend him, without reservations. Bill Roberts.
Gene Olson
Sculptor -The Mettle Works
I have known and worked with Bruce Fink for about 15 years. He is extremely talented and very professional. His broad based understanding of art, design and practical understanding of architecture and engineering have given rise to some really interesting pieces. Ideas just seem to cascade through that fertile mind of his, and I am always amazed by the innovative design solutions he comes up with.

 Robin the Hammer – Goldsmith to the Gods
I have known Bruce for many years, and he is perhaps the most inventive and hardworking individual I know. His sense of beauty and his knowledge of nature combine with his mastery of hundreds of techniques to produce unique artworks, not only sculptures but functional items, like doors, gates, and other portals to his personal world of aesthetic life. Watching him pour hundreds of pounds of bronze using only his self-made equipment with no help is an artistic experience in itself, another portal to the eternal world of artists, where Leonardo and Henry Moore reside forever.