Construction processes

Table or circular saw cuts without wood lost by transferring the cutoff. For radius of several feet I use Table saw used for smaller radius but the lower tower had a 24 Ft Diameter so a circular saw mounted on ply board with 12 Ft triangle extension to fixed points worked best for each different level.
Solid radius table center point while raising blade in 1/8 increments per turn.
Made without waste from 2×8 stock
Circular Base Framing ready for 2×6 upright studs
Circular base plates cut on table saw with about 3% waste.

24 Ft Dia. Circular angled base plates cut from 2×8 stock on table saw.
Preparations to rebuild all walls with steel clad siding.
Rebuilding tower plus one more level
All walls were removed in sections 3 stories high, replaced with 2×6 studs, 2″ Ultra R sheets, 1/6″ plastic staggered sheathing before clad with Steel preformed tapered panels.
Foundry Exhaust fans also connected for paint smells when needed.
North South East West tree top views
West view the tree top woods, East view over adjacent neighbor and to wooded lake.

Two 9′ x 14′ steel frames side by side welded and ready for 2×6 PT flooring
PT 2×6 flooring cover
Pipe preparation lath for sculpture components
Shed four weeks after construction
Built separate over present roof for long term care.
9Kw electric Solar added in 2011 to 48 x 12 Ft active copper antifreeze heating panels built as part of Main studio in 1976
Capturing Maple Burl from back property
Slow debark process with chisels, wood wedges and high power washing.
Cutting in 16 ” dia. bowl dip with large circular saw
Saw assembly to cut out center with 16 ” dia. bowl
Both halves being carved out
Slow drying before next use.
Drill and cutting out center of Burl